Doctor on bike ride hit by car then stabbed to death by driver, police say

A California doctor who was out on a bike ride was mowed down by a vehicle before the driver then stabbed him to death, law enforcement officials have stated.

Michael Mammone, 58, was riding his bicycle in the designated cycle lane along the Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point when the driver crashed into him from behind, as reported by the New York Post.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, as cited by CBS News, a white Lexus sedan hit the cycling doctor at around 3:00 PM on Wednesday (February 1).

Officials state that the cyclist was stationary at a red light when the incident occurred and that the driver crashed into Mammone intentionally.

The driver of the Lexus then got out of the vehicle brandishing a knife and proceeded to stab the 58-year-old while wielding a BB gun, eyewitnesses stated.

The suspect has been identified as 39-year-old Long Beach resident Vanroy Evan Smith who was apprehended by citizens at the scene and handed over to the police.

Mammone was left fighting for his life after receiving severe wounds and he was transported to the hospital, where he sadly passed away. The incident took place just over 1.5 km (0.93 miles) from the hospital where Mammone worked.

CCTV from the scene appears to show a white Lexus crashing into the back of the bike, which was stationary at a traffic light, throwing the bike and rider into the air.

It is not known if the doctor was on his way to or from work at the time of the tragic incident, however, friends said that he regularly cycled to the hospital as he lived nearby.

Providence Mission Hospital, Mammone’s place of work, released the following statement: “We are stunned by this devastating tragedy. The entire Mission Hospital family is grieving over the loss of an incredible physician and friend.”

Orange County Sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Woodruff told KTLA: “As of right now we currently don’t truly understand the why… as far as motivation and any type of relationship.”

He went on to say that investigators are keeping their options open so they “don’t leave anything uncovered.”

Sgt Woodruff also commended the bystanders who apprehended the driver at the scene, calling them “brave and heroic”.

A memorial emerged on February 2 at the scene where Mammone was stabbed by the driver, with many tying bouquets of flowers to the traffic lights.

Smith has been held without bail and is due to stand before the court today, with investigators still unclear whether the two men were known to each other or if this was a case of road rage.

Mammone leaves behind his wife Julie, who works as a nurse at the same hospital, as well as two sons, Nick and Jon.

Our thoughts are with Mammone’s family and friends at this time.






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