MasterChef Junior’ Star Ben Watkins Di-es At 14 Disturblng Truth About His De-ath

We’re really saddened to share that MasterChef Junior celebrity Ben Watkins has passed away at the age of 14 year old. The homies had reported the following reporta on their social media platforms through lawyer Trent A. McCain. “later losing the duo of his mom & dad.

September 2017, we have marveled at Ben’s strong, strength and affection for life,” the reports read as in part, wrote by his maternal grandmother and relative uncle. “He never, ever said even a word. Ben was and will always be the very courageous person we familiar.


He passed away 5 months later being after strug-gling from with angiomatoid fibrous histiocytoma il-lness, a cri-tical tu-mor that can led younger people. He is one of the 6 people widely to be il-lness with the dia-gno-sis. In 2017, Watkins have lost his mom & dad, Leila Edwards

and Mike Watkins, in a hom-icide-su-ic-ide. The tra-gic head to fans to become a believe fund for Watkins called the #Love4Ben campaign, after providing for almost $30,000. Our wonders are with Watkins’ homies at this time. The homie has made a GoFundMe for his fu-neral







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