Vista Wife, the British Swinger Got School Moms Talking

Vista Wife, a British wife and mother, gained international notoriety for her unorthodox lifestyle choice of being a swinger.

Despite being married, she engages in consensual s*xual encounters with other couples alongside her husband.

Vista Wife has found happiness in her marriage through the lifestyle of swinging, and she shares advice on living a similar lifestyle on TikTok.


Vista Wife has amassed over 200,000 followers on TikTok, where she regularly shares advice on navigating jealousy and determining if a swinging lifestyle is suitable for a particular relationship. Despite years of openly living and discussing her lifestyle, she still encounters surprise and shock from some people when they learn about her and her husband’s choices.

The 29-year-old gained notoriety for her openness about engaging in consensual sexual encounters with others, including during the typical time frame when her children were in school.


Vista Wife shared on the Love Bites podcast that although her lifestyle choice may come as a surprise to some, she does not typically face criticism in person.

She said: “As regards school mums, I know there are people talking about me but nobody has actually come up to me and said anything, so I’m just doing me. I’ve had one person at the school gates mention it, and it was a dad, that is all.”

Instead of approaching her directly, many people seem to be too shy to talk to Vista Wife about her lifestyle choice. She recalls an instance where she received a message from someone whose wife had seen her in public but was too shy to speak with her.

She added: “We’ve had some messages, I remember being out in Next or something like that, and all of a sudden we get a message on our swinging profile; ‘my wife says you in Next.’”

“I’m like, ‘why didn’t she come up to me then?’ My husband says maybe they’re a bit scared to say anything but I don’t know why.”

Vista Wife has created a platform where she shares her knowledge about the lifestyle and even hosts events to encourage new individuals to explore the lifestyle.

She wrote: “That was something that I was really interested in starting for new swingers to experience because sometimes I’ve been messaging people and they’re wanting to get involved but they’re scared to go to a club.”

“So we had the idea of maybe we’ll start our own events and advertise them more to the newer swingers to get involved. Obviously, we have got experienced swingers going as well, so I think it’s a really nice mix of everything.”

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