Influencer Removes Stuffing From Bra To Share Her Real Cleavage

Izzie Rodgers, an Instagram influencer, told her followers that she grew up wishing she had larger boobs. She has, however, learned to accept them.

Izzie Rodgers, an influencer, is recognized for her body-positive content, in which she encourages viewers to appreciate their own skin.

And in her most recent Instagram image, the redhead emphasized her boobs and cleavage.

Izzie informed her fans that she grew up wishing she had bigger boobs but has now come to love them.

The 25-year-old model, who has 214,000 followers on Instagram, documented her point with two side-by-side images.

Izzie showed off her busty cleavage in one photo, pouting into the camera while posing in a bra. This was in contrast to a right-hand portrait of her with a less plump breast, which she confessed had been padded up with tissue paper.

@izzierodgers / Instagram

Captioning the post, the social media star wrote: “For ever little girl that has ever stuffed their bra to feel more womanly.”

“You are so much more than a line between two lumps of fat… I PROMISE YOU.”

@izzierodgers / Instagram

“I’ve grown up always wishing my boobs were bigger. But they never will be, this is me and this will always be the body I was blessed with and meant to be in… and yours is too.”

She added: “The odds of you being born onto this planet is 1: 400,000,000,000,000… who cares what our t*ts look like.


@izzierodgers / Instagram

Fans were loving the message, as one person told her: “As someone who has been called flat chested her whole life, I appreciate this post so much.”

“I appreciate this post so much,” added another, as a third admitted: “Needed this.”






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